How to Unlock the Millions Stuck in Dead Coin Portfolios


Jul 2, 2019
There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today, the majority of which do not present active value for their holders. These cryptos that present no value are responsible for a large amount of investment in the crypto market. In figuring out how to unlock the millions stuck in dead coin portfolios, one must revisit what happened around the 2017 ICO era.

How did Dead Coins come about?

Many of the investors whose funds are stuck in dead coin portfolios are those who rushed into the ICO market between 2016 and 2018. Others may have been involved before then. Unfortunately, while the 2017 ICO era brought a lot of awareness to the crypto industry, it was also a window for some negative developments. The aftermath is the millions stuck in dead coin portfolios.

Before this era, a number of projects had come into existence, even afterwards, more money has found its way into the crypto market. Placing this side-by-side with the number of dead coins being announced daily will give you an idea of the amount of wealth trapped in the crypto market.

The Impact of Dead Coins to the Crypto Market

The consequence of dead coins in the crypto market is enormous. It cuts across the investors themselves, and the market as a whole. These dead coins still have their data posted in the market and form part of the study tools for traders and investors. Therefore, beyond the risk borne by their direct investors, their influence on market analysis can be misleading.

Take for instance the popular coin listing platform, CoinmarketCap. It has over 2,400 coins listed on it at the time of writing. Majority of the altcoins listed there do not have sustainable network activity. Yet, because they are yet to overcome certain thresholds, they are still recognized as active cryptos. In reality, many of them are gone, and just this close to becoming officially declared as dead coins.
This development is why many people see cryptocurrency investments as a risky venture, especially with altcoins. Other factors include the lack of liquidity, dying communities and projects not finding necessary adoption. These factors leave investors stuck with tokens that they cannot get rid of.

How to Derive Value from Dead Coins

All that is about to become old news with the emergence of CoinJanitor’s rescue program. This is a program that is aimed at cleaning up the cryptocurrency market, and help to expose the true value of the market. For the crypto market to be sustained, there needs to be proper evaluation. This will be possible only when non-viable projects are removed from the ecosystem, thereby unlocking redundant assets.

Although this exercise is aimed at providing a lasting solution to the industry, it also serves as a restoration process for investors with locked funds. Investors that have put money into blockchain projects that have failed to deliver on promises. This group appears to be stuck with digital tokens that presently offer them no value whatsoever.

What CoinJanitor ( is doing is to help investors recover value by issuing them tokens from an active blockchain project. Tokens that have both immediate and sustainable value. The platform’s JAN tokens will be issued to victims of dead coins in exchange for the dead coins. This will enable CoinJanitor to burn the dead coins and clean up the crypto currency market.

While this happens, the investor can either trade their newly issued JAN tokens for Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other major cryptocurrency. They can also keep the JAN tokens and enjoy its own value. What is more important is that the ultimate goals are achieved, which involves cleaning up the industry and restoring value for investors.

This is how to unlock the millions stuck in dead coin portfolios!