Creator Coin - Create Your own Ethereum Coin!


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Aug 2, 2017
Introduction of Creator Coin (CTC)

Create Your own Ethereum Coin

In 2 minutes! is a platform that focuses on Ethereum

Coin creation > ICO Wizard > ICO Market/ing/PR Launching​

  • DigiCoinMaker tool lets you create Ethereum based Coin in 2 minutes with 0 coding skills!
  • ICO Wizard tool helps you to set up your ICO webpage & Whitepaper just by filling up a few templates!
  • DigiCoinMaker's Marketplace & Exchange listings help your ICO launch to gain instant publicity. Let our experts distribute your ICO on the Blockchain!

Goals & Roadmap:

Where are my Creator Coins?
Your coins are on the blockchain, where they should be! We transact the purchased coins every 24 hours automatically. To see them in your MyEtherWallet:

1. Go to
2. Go to “View Wallet Info.”
3. Log in using password, key, or keystore file.
4. Click “Add Custom Token.” on the right side.
5.a. Input the smart contract:


5.b. Input the symbol CTC
5.c. Decimals: 0
5.d. Click “Save.”

Now you should see your number of Coins.

For questions and concerns, contact us directly at