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    Sep 13, 2017
    We’re happy to introduce new service for Bitcoin mixing – BitMix.Biz


    Core functionality:
    - Fully automated mixing process
    - Up to 24 output addresses available, each will receive random and roughly the same amount of coins
    - You can vary commission from 0.8% up to 3%
    - You can set a delay for mixing
    - Unique symbol code preventing from ever receiving your coins back in the future.
    - Letter of Guarantee is available, securing your assets in any unexpected case, it’s also useful when our logs are cleared and you still need to finalize any questions with our support.
    - Mixing bots: telegram and jabber:
    - telegram:
    - jabber:

    Partner program:
    - We share 50% of income
    - Automated payouts from 0.05 BTC
    - Statistics available

    API for your projects:
    - Easy and light to use and connect to your services
    - Your users always get only clean coins
    - API limits are subject to negotiations (60 requests per minute now)
    - You can enable coin cleaning as non-required option and receive 50% from our fee if user activates it (ref key in API section)

    Logs are not kept on our servers; all data is destroyed after 24 hours after order creation. Nevertheless, we recommend using our service via TOR: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion/

    Minimal number of confirmations required now is 1.
    Minimal order: 0.05 BTC
    Maximum order: 50 BTC

    http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion/ (recommended)

    jabber -
    email -

    Address used to sign Letter of Guarantee:

    Yes, it works like old bitmixer.