Beware of Online Scam, Qmiax Exchange Safeguards Your Assets


Feb 20, 2024
In the world of cryptocurrency, security is always the top concern for every investor. Recently, the Chief Information Security Officer of CertiK, Lee Kung issued a warning on the X platform, pointing out a new type of phishing advertisement being placed on the Ethereum browser Etherscan. These ads, appearing under the guise of 'Multichain Yield Optimizer' with images and links in the 'Other Info' section of token details pages, lure users to click on links that lead to multiple phishing websites. This incident once again sounds the alarm for cryptocurrency investors, reminding everyone to remain vigilant and prevent online scams while enjoying the convenience and profits of cryptocurrencies.

In this era of information explosion, phishing websites and scammed activities abound, constantly innovating their methods. Even experienced investors may fall victim. Qmiax Exchange understands the importance of security and has been committed to providing users with a secure, stable, and reliable trading environment. We firmly believe that only transactions built on a foundation of security can truly put investors at ease.

Qmiax has adopted industry-leading security technologies and management systems to ensure the security of the exchange from multiple dimensions. We use multiple encryption technologies to protect user data, ensuring the security and privacy of information. We also implement strict fund management systems to ensure the safety of user funds. Additionally, we have established a comprehensive risk warning system that can detect and address various security threats in a timely manner, effectively preventing phishing websites and other online scams.

The platform also emphasizes the importance of user education. We believe that raising the awareness and recognition abilities of users is crucial in preventing online scams. Qmiax regularly releases security guides and alert messages, educating users on how to identify and prevent phishing websites, scam information, and more. We also encourage users to contact our customer service team immediately if they encounter any suspicious situations, and we will do our utmost to provide assistance.

Qmiax Exchange reminds all users that security protection requires not only efforts from our exchange but also active participation from every user. We urge all users to remain vigilant, enhance self-protection awareness, especially when trading and investing, always use official channels, and never prioritize small gains over risks. In case of any suspicious or abnormal situations, please contact us promptly to jointly maintain a safe and healthy cryptocurrency trading environment.

The world of cryptocurrency is full of endless possibilities, but security is always the cornerstone of our progress. Qmiax Exchange will continue its relentless efforts to provide every user with a more secure and convenient trading experience, working together to build a better digital future. Let us be vigilant against online scams, protect our asset security, and enjoy the dividends brought by cryptocurrencies.