review: is not a scam, for sure!


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Sep 9, 2019

The world of internet is evolving day by day. Over time, the internet became a favorable platform for business to have a global reach. The need for a fast, safe, and secure digital cash asset was evident. Many attempts were made in this regard. Finally, in 2009, an anonymous developer released a technology he called bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a form of a secure digital cash asset. It was released as an open-source program. This means the developers had access to use the source code as inspiration and to come up with their technology. This led to the development of a new form of cryptocurrencies that are now huge in number.

When an innovation emerges on the mainstream media, the technicalities attached to the technology makes it somewhat difficult for users to grasp the concept properly. This gives an opportunity to scammers to misguide the users for their benefits and scam the people., a decentralized network and an ecosystem having social media, e-commerce and blockchain technology is of the fine innovations in the emerging market of decentralized networks. The features offers as a platform seems too good to be true. This became one of the reasons people assumed that might be a scam.

To check the legality of any platform, it is better first to completely review it first and see its features. In this article, we will complete review and see if it is a scam or not.

What is – An Overview is a unique platform that comprises of all the top features of this digital era, i.e., Social Media, Earning Opportunities, Buying and Selling, and exchange of cryptocurrency. All the features are integrated in the app, with very less influence from any third party. These integrated features help in gaining the trust of the users. These features are integrated in a way to make the system safe and secure. If would've been a scam it wouldn't have made sense to take such measures. comprises primarily of five main modules:

Social network (meNetwork) – Users interacting over distributed social media platform.

Marketplace (meMarket) – Buying and selling platform for users.

Payment Service (mePay) – Payment service to make safe and secure online purchases.

Wallet Service (meWallet) – Digital wallet to store and manage digital transactions.

Cryptocurrency (meToken) – The network has its digital currency for transactions.

Top Features of

meMarket: meMarket is an integrated market within meMarket allows both types of buying and selling, i.e., from c2c and from business to customer (b2c). It is undoubtedly one of the exciting features the platform has to offer. As the app has features of social media, the users can discuss the products and could contact the seller about inquires about the product. If you like some products, you could share it with your followers. You don’t need to add any third-party payment system. Payments are made using integrated mePay system.

meNetwork: meNetwork is social media for users. The social media has the features of traditional social media with the additional benefit of earning opportunities. With social media users could earn up to 50 percent of revenue share. The platform doesn't force the user to see ads, and users are also rewarded based on their social activity and overall participation in the platform.

You can use this revenue or rewards to make purchases in meMarket. The more the users are active on the platform, more is the chance for them to get rewarded from the platform. aims to create a healthy relationship between the community and the advertisers. The platform shares revenue with the users.

mePay: As discussed earlier, the network has an integrated payment method. The transactions on the platform are made using mePay. ME is digital currency the network owns. The transfer of ME currency could easily be done to Ethereum wallets.

meWallet: meWallet is unique wallet created for the users of the platform. This wallet is used to make transactions and to store currency. The rewards users get from the network are stored in meWallet. These rewards are transferred every month.

So far, we haven't seen any suspicious feature that makes a scam. Instead, the network is taking security measures where required to make it safe and secure. – An Influencer Friendly Platform

Traditional social media have users base of millions. Generally, users are not provided with earning opportunities. Even if there is an opportunity, the reward value is quite less for the user as compared to the hard work they put in.

The term influencer is quite famous these days. If you are a talented individual who wants to showcase their talent and have your work monetized; is a favorable option for you. encourages users who want to make their impact online.

By generating great content and gathering like-minded individuals around you, users will be able to gather followers. More followers mean more activity on the platform that will result in getting high rewards from the network.

Creating Value for Users:

Combination of blockchain with social media is one of the emerging markets. People like to spend time on social media while sharing their life events with friends and family. Adding cryptocurrency or digital cash solutions to social media creates value for users as they are more likely to buy when they see their friends or followers interested in particular products. Social media platforms encourage freedom of speech, as you can discuss the product free from any influence. This is how is revolutionizing and changing trends of the relationship between cryptocurrency and social networks. is not a scam, for sure!

Now that we have completely discussed the platform, we could conclude. The features offered by are exciting and safe. There is nothing suspicious about the platform. Moreover, being decentralized in nature, the network is not under the influence of third parties. Everything is integrated within the network. This makes a safe and it is undoubtedly not a scam.