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Jul 15, 2017

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ALL CRYPTOS is the most complete cryptos database and trading records sharing and communication platform. It enables users to get all important information of specific crypto in one stop, and have more useful communication and discussion experience through sharing his own, as well as referring other people’s sales records. Core information will be decentralized and cannot be changed based on All Cryptos blockchains.

  • Full History - Charts & Events timeline since announcement
  • The Newest Event - The newest official announcements and media reports
  • Personal Trading Book - Calculating total balance based on user’s trading record
  • Sharing My Records - You can promote discussion, asking for advice and attract more attention
  • Checking Others’ Records - You can discover more valuable coins. Also inviting someone to answer questions is supported
  • Opinion Leaders Forming - Ranking users based on their balance and post opinions, developing opinion leaders

What do we want to solve?
  • Most of existing cryptos database focus on price, lacking of fundamental event information such as official announcements and media reports.
  • Users need more information to guide them to make decisions, the most intuitive is seeing what other people especially top players are buying.
  • Being opinion leaders of cryptos can benefit them by participating All Cryptos sharing & communication mechanism.

User Cases
Case #1:
Jack has heard of a nice coin called Stellar Lumens (XLM), and wants to know about all of it since its first announcement, especially the reason of its ups and downs in price history, as well as its latest news, to make a decision if he should get to buy some.
The most viewed cryptos database website is to be as a comparative example. On, Jack sees the price history of XLM and XLM’s Twitter and Reddit. Jack noticed, the first time of XLM’s price increase occurred on March 31, when most of other coins didn’t go up synchronously. Jack is wondering what happened at that time, to motivate XLM’s up.
However, Jack has to go through all the information one by one, eventually get the situation three months ago, which is no doubt a tedious and time-consuming task, not to mention that it’s hardly to tell integrity only by Twitter and Reddit.

Here is what we have on ALL CRYPTOS:

Except basic information, every official event announcements and important media reports since XLM’s birthday are gathered on ALL CRYPTOS. It shows both in timeline and price curve. Jack could clearly see that XLM distributed an amount of Lumens on March 28, which promoted its rising possibly.

In the existing ICO market lacking of supervision,we note down all events of coins on blockchain, avoiding tampered artificially. It can act as better and more trusted reference for investors.

Case #2:
Jack is a beginner in cryptos area, so he is still hesitant to take an action even after much work done for XLM. He is hoping to know about others’ opinion, who have bought XLM, and the better is , let him see the real trading balance of other people.
What’s more, is there any other valuable coin besides XLM? Jack wants to know what people are buying.

ALL CRYPTOS is also a trading records sharing and communication platform. It can obviously make people more interested and anxious to anticipate based on this “unboxing” behavior.

What motivates people to share their trading records on ALL CRYPTOS?
  • Asking for advices. He can attract more attention and discussion comparing to those who doesn’t “unboxing”.
  • Opinion leaders forming mechanism of ALL CRYPTOS can motivate more people to share, in order to be an influential figure in this area, which obviously can benefit them.
  • It can be taken as a trading account book, calculating total balance automatically by noting each trading record on ALL CRYPTOS.

Trading records sharing by users will be put on blockchain, and unchangeable feature can make these top players ranking more creditable.

Except for records sharing and discussion under each crypto, Jack can also check ranking of top players on ALL CRYPTOS, and follow their constantly trading and reviews.

ALL CRYPTOS not only providing the most comprehensive information about cryptos, but also helping people to discover valuable coins through a new type of communication angle, at the mean time forming a influential group of people, boosting virtuous circle of cryptos investment.

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