A New Chapter in The Rise of Bitcoin


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Jul 19, 2019
A year ago, every holder of more than 0.1 BTC received two mysterious gifts from another chain, an equal proportion of VDS eco-circulating currency- Vollar and the opportunity to obtain its eco-pass, a Genesis VID. Bitcoin holders run up through the tunnel of decentralization to the new lands of VDS. Based on blockchain technology, through a distributed network and zero-knowledge proof anonymous transaction, VDS is writing a new chapter of cryptocurrency that inherits the decentralization spirit of Bitcoin and lays emphasis on privacy.

Bitcoin has been developing for more than a decade. Behind its price ups and downs is the gradual reinforcement of consensus. Through its truly decentralized eco-design, VDS integrates multiple function designs such as privacy, freedom, global currency exchange and cash flow building. It took VDS just one year to reach the consensus of Bitcoin.

Price reading of Bitcoin and Vollar, market conditions decide price trend

Bitcoin Price Trend

Vollar Price Trend

As can be seen from the price movements, Vollar’s price fluctuations has a super-high coincident degree to that of Bitcoin. The reason is worth exploring. Perhaps it is because the public has uniform perception of Bitcoin and VDS, same market sentiment and cognitive process lead to the same price fluctuation of both. In other words, the emotional agreement on Vollar price from different investors in the market is very similar to that of Bitcoin at early stage-both formed excess bubble in the conflict of value, and entered a cooling-out period after bubble burst. Perhaps it is because both VDS and Bitcoin are decentralized based, the two-cryptocurrency have similar price rhythm under the free and fair development environment.

The received public feedback of Vollar’s price is identical to the trajectory of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has always been the representative page of the entire book of cryptocurrencies, and VDS, as the newest piece, is full of respect for the spirit of Bitcoin advocacy, and takes the same path under the fair and free decentralized market environment.

Value Reading of Bitcoin and VDS, the integration and addition of consensus groups

From a currency perspective, Bitcoin is easy to circulate, easy to save, and constant in total supply, which reduces the likelihood of third-party influence on this currency on the basis of effective circulation. However, there is still a need for sufficient consensus behind the currency. The consensus in the market is mostly provided by authoritative institutions, while the consensus in Bitcoin relies on the understanding and trust of a large number of scattered holders and buyers worldwide to achieve a rise in value by increasing the number of people in demand than in supply. The initial buyers and holders of VDS are basically Bitcoin players who enter the market through airdrops and participation in resonance. As early builders, these Bitcoin players have laid a solid foundation for VDS development, and introduced continuous flow of players into VDS ecosystem as Genesis VIDs. The Trust Stamp System generate reliable cash flow for everyone. Under the incentive of fat Bitcoin rewards, more people will participate in the ecology and become the first beneficiary group in the process of ecological construction. A virtuous ecological cycle will also boost VDS into a high-speed period of development.

According to the data, in nearly one year after VDS went online, the number of fission promoted VID reached about 5 million, and an average about 1,000 people joined VDS community per day, which positively confirmed the market’s high recognition of VDS.

VDS took in members from Bitcoin community and attracted new blood through the decentralized Trust Stamp Network to expand the community, which will certainly reach a new height in terms of value and open up a new era of decentralization together with Bitcoin.

If we compare Bitcoin to the introduction to the first chapter, VDS is the text that includes the introduction and expands it into writing. The essence of the introduction will be retained in the text, and more description will be attached to make it even more beautifully specific.

As a brand-new page, VDS not only has common ground with Bitcoin, but also adds new elements to it through technology and rules.

VDS is more suitable to become a currency in circulation because it has faster transaction speed than Bitcoin. Meanwhile, with the design and implementation of the Trust Stamp network and chain-business to stimulate Vollar circulation, VDS has become a mature and vibrant decentralized free financial system with benefits distributed through smart contracts. Vollar, as the circulating currency within the VDS ecosystem, has a higher utilization and circulation rate than Bitcoin, which are the exact original intention of the “electronic cash” when Bitcoin was created. VDS, as the successor, is a real crypto with greater vitality, and has opened the new chapter of BTC.

The difference between VDS and Bitcoin is not just the transaction speed, but also the rules of decentralized community autonomy. The “Core Group” has always been a high-frequency word when it comes to the topic of Bitcoin centralization. The Core group works diligently and conscientiously for the maintenance of Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is after all a decentralized product, and many people in the community believe the core group are both the maintainer and controller. Voice of this opinion has become overwhelming before and after the 2018 Bitcoin expansion controversy.

VDS unveiled a system of decentralized voting, taking the idea of decentralized autonomy to a whole new level. When VDS reaches a certain block height, a decentralized voting function is automatically triggered, and each VID will have the decentralized voting right to jointly elect the periodic community leaders. As community leader, they will bring better governance to the community which also yield greater benefits in return. VDS has re-promoted Bitcoin’s decentralization, achieving a truly fair democracy, a high degree of autonomy, and a healthy and free environment through its token.


It is undeniable that in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto fired the first shot of cryptocurrency in the geek community with the whitepaper of Bitcoin. As time goes by, Bitcoin has experienced a decade of criticism and won countless compliments. Ten years later, a new chapter written by VDS has begun to lead the spirit of decentralization into a new continuation. VDS, the future can be expected.

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