3 Reasons You Need to Own a Crypto Card in 2020


Jul 2, 2019
Paying with crypto is becoming a lot more accessible, but merchants who actively accept digital assets are still relatively few and far between. So what happens when you want to flash your crypto cash on the high street? Here’s 3 reasons why you need to own a crypto card in 2020.

What is a crypto card?

Firstly, what is a crypto card? A crypto card, or crypto debit card, is a (generally) prepaid card that you can fill with crypto and then use at merchants around the world. Unfortunately, most retailers still don’t accept cryptocurrencies. Using a crypto card allows you to pay using your crypto, as opposed to fiat.

Crypto cards are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for accessibility in crypto grows. The crypto card landscape is becoming more and more crowded, which is why it’s vital that you know the true benefits that they have to offer you. Crypto cards are a fantastic product if utilized properly, that can provide a truly seamless buying experience for you - all in crypto.

3. Accepted Worldwide

When using a crypto Prepaid Card like Tap, you can buy almost anything, anywhere. You can use your Tap Prepaid Card anywhere in the world. To make things even simpler, it’s the company’s responsibility to pay the merchant in the corresponding fiat currencies, which will be deducted from your crypto balance afterwards.

One of the major complaints about crypto is that using it in day to day life isn’t accessible, but crypto cards make it incredibly easy to spend your digital assets almost anywhere.

2. Physical and virtual

There are many different kinds of crypto cards on the market, with lots of companies now offering both physical and virtual cards. If you’re planning on only using your card for online purchases, a virtual card will probably do you just fine. However, for POS purchases, you’ll need the physical card,

An added benefit of the physical card is that you can use them at most ATMs. No need to wait to cash out your crypto anymore - just go to the ATM and withdraw your digital assets.

  1. Making crypto accessible
Number 1 out of the 3 reasons you need to own a crypto card in 2020, is that they make crypto more accessible.

One of the main issues limiting mainstream adoption is the lack of accessibility in crypto. It’s still fairly unusual for merchants to accept crypto, and that drives the general population away. The fact is that most people will want to use their crypto in the same way they use fiat - at least to start. Being able to use crypto on the high street could ultimately be a driving force behind mass adoption. The more people that discover how accessible crypto actually is, the faster mainstream adoption will happen.

Realistically, crypto cards make cryptocurrency more accessible (and easier to understand) for the man in the street. Until more merchants adopt digital assets as a means of payment, crypto cards will be a necessity - and they’re already helping sort this problem out.

Crypto cards drive adoption

Out of the top 3 reasons why you need to own a crypto card in 2020, accessibility is probably the most crucial. It’s absolutely vital that we make crypto more accessible to the average person, and crypto cards like Tap, can help us reach that goal. As we move forward, it will ultimately be up to the digital asset community to help drive mainstream adoption (particularly since most governments and businesses aren’t doing much to help). Crypto can be accessible and attainable, and products like crypto cards show that.

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